Finding Purpose

Everyone has a purpose in life,
God has a purpose for everyone.

Knowing God

We understand that God is our creator, God created us with purpose. Knowing God means knowing His purpose to create us. Through our training, we help people to develop their relationship with God.

Listening to God

God wants to communicate his purpose with us. If we are willing God will speak to our hearts so that we can know his purpose in our lives. Through our training, we teach people how they can communicate with God.

Following God

Listening without following means nothing. God's purpose will lead us to where we need to be. If anyone knows their purpose they will walk with Him. Through our training, we teach people how to walk with God.


Through knowing other people, we can know ourselves and know God better.


Everyone has a place called 'there' where they are being called.

  • Where we started.

    We started with a man's prayer in Llanelli. Llanelli has been a place for many to find their identity and calling. Since the late 1990s, there have been many mission movements started in Wales. Frontline Nations was born with God's specific purpose to serve those who need serving.

  • Where are we based.

    Our main base is in Llanelli, South Wales. We have different teams based in Europe, Asia, and North Africa. All of the teams have very strong community ties but work independently.

  • Training program.

    Llanelli is our training base. We run two 6 month training programs a year. The training starts in March and September. We also have a base in Swansea, where some of our training will be run. During the program, you will have different opportunities to visit different places and build relationships with people from different countries.

  • Beyond our borders.

    We do not encourage people to stay in Llanelli after their training program. From the UK we can almost have a great view of the whole of Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. Our goal is to serve the people beyond our borders.


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